Your Marketing Doesn’t Work

3 ways your marketing can slay DSOs during a recession

Free Virtual Event:
March 14, 7 PM

Win the Marketing Wars

Now is the perfect time to maximize your marketing and get more new patients.

This is Your Moment

Even though a looming recession sounds like it would hurt your business, it doesn’t have to.

In fact, a recession is the perfect time to beat DSOs to new patients and build a stronger, more profitable practice.

How? It’s all in the marketing.

You see, because DSOs are run by venture capital firms, they have extremely strict restrictions on their budgeting. That means they can’t adjust their marketing spend, no matter what’s happening in the economy.

But you, as a private practitioner, can! If you stay agile and proactive with your marketing, you can grab all of the new patients when the time is right--giving you the upper hand, even over the big guys.

Our free, virtual event will help you:

  • Learn how to beat DSO marketing (even during a recession!)
  • Understand the best time to make your move
  • Focus on the right numbers (hint: it’s not about clicks--it’s about patients walking in the door)

Join us Tuesday and we’ll show you how to:

Market like a pro

Different practices need different types of marketing. We’ll explain the best way to attract leads for your specific practice model.

Measure ROI

Don’t waste money on marketing that doesn’t work. Learn how to track the right numbers so you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

Convert leads

The best marketing in the world doesn’t mean a thing if nobody walks through the door. Learn how to follow up and book new patients.

Free virtual event: March 14, 7 PM

Meet Your Presenters

Dr. Pam Maragliano-Muniz



Dr. Pam Maragliano-Muniz is the chief editor of Dental Economics. Based in Salem, Massachusetts, Dr. Maragliano-Muniz began her clinical career as a dental hygienist. She went on to attend Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, where she earned her doctorate in dental medicine. She then attended the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Dental Medicine, where she became board-certified in prosthodontics. Dr. Maragliano-Muniz owns a private practice, Salem Dental Arts, and lectures on a variety of clinical topics.

Amir Moghaddam



Amir is one of the founding members of DDS Marketing. He has an engineering background matched with a marketing-focused MBA from Boston University. He was born into the dental field, with most of his family members being in different specialities of the industry. Since 2016 he’s used his extensive knowledge in analytical-focused marketing to create automated workflows that help dentists optimize their marketing budget and invigorate their growth.

Gary Kadi



Gary has worked to empower dentists for more than 20 years. He realized that dentists rely on a broken business model that focuses on attracting new patients instead of engaging and educating current ones. After years of studying the recurring challenges that dentists face (team dynamics, finances, high patient turnover, etc), he created NextLevel Practice and the Complete Health Dentistry model.

Free virtual event: March 14, 7 PM

Take On the Big Guys…And WIN

Running a private practice doesn’t mean you have to lose out on patients to DSOs. Leverage your agility and get ahead of the competition.

This event is right for you if:

  • You want to stay stable (and grow!) during a recession
  • You’re worried your marketing money isn’t doing anything
  • You’re going head-to-head with a DSO in your market

Free Virtual Event:
March 14, 7 PM